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Women of New Life (WONL)

Women of New Life (WONL)

IMG_5195Ministry Leader: 
Trecia Owens


Ministry Leader’s Motivational Message:

Life isn’t the same if you don’t have a SISTER IN CHRIST to share it with. The bible says in Proverbs 27:17 that iron sharpens iron so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. What better friends to have than friends of a women’s ministry? Come build bonds, empower someone (and yourself), worship in spirit and in truth and serve the Lord with the Women’s Ministry!


Ministry’s Mission Statement:

By the aid of the Holy Spirit, the Women of New Life Ministry will create an atmosphere of oneness among the women of our New Life family by promoting and encouraging spiritual growth and fellowship.

We will educate and train our sisters in Christ on women’s issues from a Biblical perspective through,

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Retreats
  • and Conferences

Our purpose is to equip and develop “Women of Integrity” so that their lives may honor and glorify God.


Brief Synopsis of Ministry’s 2016 Accomplishments:

In 2016 our church focused primarily on prayer and strengthening our commitment to God as a whole. Although we were not as active we still maintained our consistent Gleaner Box donations of which we donate to a local non-profit organization designed to help women. The women of our church were very present during each Sunday School, Morning Worship, bible study and all events held by our church family. We are strengthened in our prayers and our commitment and now it is time for us to serve the Lord to the fullest in 2017.


Brief Synopsis of 2017 Goals:

In 2017 we want to incorporate our church mission statement “Being a Mission Minded Church” and focus primarily on fellowship. We want to set the example to our families and friends about what it takes to be a member of an effective ministry. We are a ministry that is designed to serve a purpose in this church as outlined in our mission statement and to do that we have a be a ministry that requires action. Action can come in the form of attendance, participation, monetary contribution…you name it. WONL we are going to be that ministry that gets things done in 2017 as we have been in the past. Another huge and vital component of our ministry’s goal that we want to reach is increased fellowship amongst each other. The leadership team desires for fellowship to be a dominant and a usual occurrence.

We will plan to create consistent fellowships of quality and that contain substance. Through this fellowship, we would like to see a strengthened bond between us sisters and an increase in spiritual accountability. We are sisters in Christ.


Dates and Brief Descriptions of 2017 Events/Programs:

As a ministry we elected to have a book-based curriculum to discuss at our bi-monthly meetings to aid us in our daily walk. We have taken a vote and it will be announced at our women’s day program.

On April 30, 2017 we will be having our annual Women’s Day program at New Life Baptist Church. This program’s theme is “Diamonds; from PRESSURE to PRAISE” . We want women from all over to come together for a true worship experience. We are excited to have Lanee Battle-Johnson as our speaker for the occasion. Please join us!

Between the months of May, June and July we will be having our generation group outings! This is a wonderful opportunity for women of the same age group to fellowship with each other and have a great time. Come to our next meeting for more information.


Event Photos:

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