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Trustee Ministry

Trustee Ministry

Ministry Leader:


Ministry Leader’s Motivational Message:

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

– Proverbs 16:3


Ministry’s Mission Statement:

By the aide of the Holy Spirit, we shall assist our Pastor in:

  • Conduct the business activities and affairs of this Church
  • Be responsible for administering all of the Church’s financial affairs, and selecting and supervising custodial services
  • Be in constant search of ways and means for improving the material resources of the Church, and taking necessary measures for the protection and upkeep of the Church’s property
  • Be responsible for the management of all real and personal property of the Church, insurance, and all legal matters


Brief Synopsis of Ministry’s 2018 Accomplishments:

The Trustee Ministry comes together time and time again to assist our Pastor and the Church.  In 2018, we celebrated New Life’s  anniversary by supplying the church with a special gift.


Brief Synopsis of 2019 Goals:

To continue to support our Pastor and be a support for him such that he might focus more on the spiritual leadership and growth of the church.  We plan on making several improvements this year to the church.


Dates and Brief Descriptions of 2019 Events/Programs:

Check back with us to find out the exciting things we have planned for New Life!



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