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Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Ministry Leader: 

Sis. Carla Jones


Ministry Leader’s Motivational Message:

There is POWER in prayer!

Thank you for visiting the Prayer Ministries web page. Our purpose is to provide intercessory prayer alongside everyone who asks, believing God can do all things and trusting that He will.

Reach out and let us know how we can be of service to you.


Brief Synopsis of Ministry’s 2015 Accomplishments:

In 2015 the Prayer Ministry hosted our 2nd Annual Prayer Breakfast themed, “Spiritual Warfare, Suit up for Battle! (Eph:6:18)”. Event was a blessing to all in attendance with powerful words delivered by local Pastors, Ministers and Evangelists. Service was followed with a special tribute and amazing breakfast prepared by New Life’s Koinonia Ministry.

We also coordinated A 12-hour prayer cycle (6am -6pm) on the National Day of Prayer focused on the following:

  • Repentance as a Nation
  • The Church – our repentance as the body of Christ, purpose, position and power in such a time as this
  • Renewed reliance on God as a Nation

A prayer guide was developed and shared with members for reference.

In addition, Prayer Ministry team prayed alongside many New Life members, families and friends, made personal visits and follow-up telephone calls.


Brief Synopsis of 2016 Goals:

In 2016 by the grace of God the Prayer Ministry continues to serve and look forward to what God would have us do.

*Ministry members joined church for 90-days if consecration seeking God for clarity of vision and direction two War Room bible study curriculums. From which a “Prayer Tree” was birthed as a visual representation of our being firmly rooted and grounded in a living God, with branches of life and prayers being offered as leaves (Jer 17:7-8).

*Ministry team members are instrumental for Sunday morning prayer corners which was also introduced this year. Each Sunday morning we gather in the corners of the sanctuary with youth huddled in the center as our core. For a few minutes we pray in small groups as a family preparing our hearts and minds for worship. Flags of color are raised as a banner. Red represents the blood of Christ, purple out royalty in Him and Green for our youth representing life and growth.

*Prayer Ministry also continues to coordinate National Day of Prayer activities and support other New Life Ministries.


God is good, His mercy is everlasting and His truth endures unto all generations. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!

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