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Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry

IMG_5185Ministry Leader: 

Robert and Jacquelyn McClinton


Ministry Leader’s Motivational Message:

A husband can love his wife best when he loves God first.  We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all.


Ministry’s Mission Statement:

Under the enabling and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we shall equip married couples for a life of Holy matrimony.

We endeavor to achieve the fore-mentioned by teaching married couples God’splan for a life of marriage, as well as their unique roles as Godly husbandsand Godly wives.

Furthermore, we shall encourage, support and connect married couples withother married couples through retreats, seminars and Christian fellowships.

We will also be an example to, and a resource for committed couples whodesire to enter into Holy matrimony.

By assisting married couples and equipping committed couples, we shall be alight of hope to others, and leave a loving legacy for future generations.


Brief Synopsis of Ministry’s 2015 Accomplishments:

In 2015 our first quarter fellowship we celebrated Valentine’s Day at the ButcherShop in Kearny Mesa.  Second quarter we had dinner and a movie night. Third quarter we fellowshipped at the Miramar Speed Circuit, where we played Laser Tag and car racing.


Brief Synopsis of 2016 Goals:

Monthly marriage curriculum to honor our mission statement in regards to a Godly marriage.  Quarterly fellowship with other married couples.  Married couples retreat.


Dates and Brief Descriptions of 2016 Events/Programs:


Event Photos:

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